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I was so happy. And the relationship part is so true. This is great ;. Really refreshing to find this and have a good read! This outline describes me well, I think I was off track and become something else. Okay, at first when i found out in was a esfp, i got dissapointed. Though its correct, i couldnt accept it.

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It didnt look very cool to me It hit me hard that i wasnt a thinker. Lol, ESFPs are often the butt of jokes in typology.

Then again, I think a lot of people who say they're intuitives or thinkers are really just fooling themselves. Of course, it could just be that the more common types don't hang out online as much, but I actually think it's both. Also, a lot of people mistype themselves inadvertently; it took me a long time to figure out I was ESFP, mainly because of the stereotype of us being irresponsible partiers!

Depression for ISTP ISFP ESFP ESTP

I went through a phase of hedonism, but it got old pretty fast. I think all the time! It's true that his strengths are my weaknesses and visa versa. We have truly learned so much from each other and have helped each other grow in ways that would otherwise seem impossible to learn. Because of our incredible relationship, we have five beautifully well rounded children. Interestingly, we don't have any other extroverts in the fam, wonder why that is? No I am not overbearing, I guess there dad's genes were stronger: The 4 letter preferences are helpful E versus I, S versus N, etc.

In our hierarchy of functions, ESFPs have dominant extraverted sensing, auxiliary introverted feeling, tertiary extraverted thinking, and inferior introverted intuition. ESFJs, on the other hand, have dominant extraverted feeling, auxiliary introverted sensing, tertiary extraverted intuition, and inferior introverted thinking.

ISFP-ESFP Relationship

It gets pretty crazy and even more fun when you consider the hierarchy of functions behind each of the 16 personalities. There are similarities between types that one would not imagine, based on the 4-letter designations. I am a estJ Although any type can excel in leadership roles, for ESTJs it often comes naturally. Your dominant extraverted thinking function means you tend to be superior at organizing your environment, which includes the people in your space.

Also, ESTJs are usually pretty good at figuring out who would be most skilled at what task and they delegate responsibility accordingly, which often results in an efficient team that has the potential to run like a well-oiled machine. In other words, you're good at seeing how people are "useful. Also, you guys tend to be overly concerned with hierarchy and seniority which comes from your auxiliary introverted sensing function , which can mean not heeding good advice if it comes from a so-called "underling.

But, they don't take too kindly to just any ol' person telling them they're doing something wrong. A lot of this didn't sound familiar until I read the research bullets. Those sound like me more than any other personality description I've read anywhere! But I don't watch that much tv, unless it's my husband's day off. I can usually get into whatever he's watching, though. I took this test a long time ago, and to be honest I thought I had changed completely. I was in a 10 year relationship, where I had become an agoraphobic and very hermit like.

And although I am still struggling with that, I truly believed I had changed in every aspect of my personality. So thank you so much for this. Makes me confident that I will go back to being the "me" I used to be. All comments are moderated. Spammers will be fried and served on toast. Skip to main content. Primary tabs Overview Careers Relationships active tab Resources.

How do ESFPs communicate? What are ESFPs like as partners? What are ESFPs like as parents? Please Understand Me II.

Intriguing Differences People of the following types are likely to strike the ESFP as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. Potential Complements ESFPs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other.

Challenging Opposites People of the following types present the most potential for personality clash and conflict with the ESFP, but also the best opportunities for growth.

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Alexa not verified says Nikhildeep singh not verified says Patima Dimacaling jintarat not verified says Yes please changed my reality world. Lobe not verified says BrendaDi not verified says Do a career that you like. Franklins Turtles not verified says Guest not verified says The beginning question should be out of 5 rather than 4 And you should have more questions about us personally, rather than just our thoguht process. Tywin Moriarty not verified says A person's thought process is what makes them, regardless of their Myers-Briggs type. I think this did a good job of describing me.

Bob Hope not verified says Hey, do you know how ESFPs can succeed academically? It is sort of creepy.

How Compatible is an ISFP Relationship With Other Personality Types?

Elizabeth S not verified says Deirdre not verified says It will be awesome. D not verified says What are your hobbies? I was in foster care and this is for me. I think this was literally written about me. It was an eye opener. This is awesome i knew I was this. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. I've never heard of this combination mentioned before and I'm just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it.

SophiaMarie and PhotogenicPotato thanked this post. Sounds like fun to me. That could cause some friction. PhotogenicPotato thanked this post. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I think this would be a lot of fun! Thinking of the ESFP I know, I would have to become much more organized and make an extra effort to be on time and stuff otherwise I'm pretty sure we'd be late to everything.

I don't see why not honestly, there isn't much of a difference as far as functions so you don't have to worry about clashes in that way. I was hanging out with an ESFP for the longest time this summer.

I can see it happening. The extrovert would get the introvert out more, and the introvert would help the extrovert think a little more, yet they would both have similar interests and conversations. And while he did generally like people, he admitted to being rather introverted, and enjoyed time to himself to think and express.