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I went to GA this year and am inspired to take action on social justice. I like cooking vegetarian meals. Raw food is fun. I like to experiment. Curry is my favorite, VitaMix is my favorite kitchen tool.

I like surprises, romance, doing things together. Theatre, movies, musical performance, dancing and dining are fun.

The world on disability and beyond

Friends are very important to me. I like being in groups, as a couple and alone sometimes. I like to brainstorm new activities and ideas. I'm curious and interested in a partner with similar interests and some different interests.

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I believe it's possible to have a joyful, fulfilling relationship. I like the work of John Gottman as a relationship guide. If you're up for adventure, who knows? I must admit that I am a non-drinker. I'm uncomfortable in social and intimate situations where drinking is the norm. If, you too, chek "non-drinker" because that is your style, I am comfortable with you. I'm just a health nut who luckily for me and the animals found my way to veganism for nutritional reasons and had my eyes opened shortly thereafter by Earthlings and a host of other videos and YouTube celebrities.

I really can't imagine dating someone not at least vegetarian, so here I am! I like to live as close to nature as I can while still enjoying modern stuff like Netflix, technology, etc. I'm always down to explore events, plays, museums, restaurants, parks, or the Netflix selection ;.

Find love dating site

I keep life light and optimistic. I'm not really looking to date long distance, but a long distance friend would be cool! Dating would be close to home. I am looking for friends - male or female - for activities in Houston. I like stimulating conversations about a variety of topics. I would love to be involved in a variety of activities that help both animals and humans.

I would like to make a difference in the world. I would like a partner or group of friends who are also interested in doing good in the world. I am a happy, friendly, intelligent, educated, sometimes-funny woman, looking for an egalitarian relationship--a best friend and possibly lover, possibly husband, but friends most importantly.

How to change the world - educate and ask | Martyn Sibley

I enjoy and need open communication from someone who can confidently and kindly communicate his feelings and needs as well. I'm empathetic, compassionate, an animal lover and a bleeding heart liberal. I don't like killing things, so if you hunt and fish, we probably won't get along very well, long term. I enjoy travelling and have the ambition of seeing most of the planet, especially the beaches, harbors, waterfronts and rivers.

I enjoy cruising on ships, as well as road trips exploring off the highways.

I spend my free time painting, writing, and some exercise. Lately, I've also been working on my home to create a calm, nurturing, tranquil and serene zen-like environment, free from the clutter of unnecessary things. It is a challenge. My hair is naturally curly and a little unpredictable and uncontrollable.

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I don't fuss with it, nor wear much make-up. I think healthy is the best look. However, I do like to dress up for a night out or formal night on the ship. I mostly attend the Unitarian church, but I am also exploring Buddhism as a way to live more happily. I'm open to meeting like spirits--healthy, warm, fun and open. My favorite quote of late is "I am a spiritual being having a physical experience. My female friends compliment my deep voice and my irreverent sense of humor. I'm intelligent, passionate when so inspired, playful, sentimental, communicative, unpretentious and friendly.

My affinities for dance and music include contra, cajun, zydeco, waltz, swing, bluegrass and folk. I'm an activist for social justice and conservation, a self-employed consultant and a community college instructor. Large dogs are wonderful companions for me. Sadie and I enjoy the usual activities: Vegetarian singles personal ads by state: Nearly 4, Unitarian Universalists gathered in Charlotte, N.

As usual, progressive politics prevailed, with pledges for an "institutional commitment" to ethical eating, an anti-discrimination rally and a special collection taken for ministry to immigrants. Such activism dates to 19th-century Unitarian godfather William Ellery Channing, who argued that the aim of religious life is to encourage public virtue. John Buehrens, a former president of the UUA.

A separate Pew survey found that 65 percent believe multiple religious paths can lead to eternal life.

Unitarian Singles

Green, a political scientist who worked on the Pew studies and has studied the UUA. But the opportunity is certainly there. Peter Morales, the UUA's current president, calls those trends, as well as the exodus of Americans from most Christian denominations, "an amazing opportunity. Many UUA members say they find meaning and purpose in the familial bonds forged in congregations -- regardless of religious beliefs.

He says the UUA has always shied away from God-talk for fear of offending members and shattering congregations. But Bumbaugh has made the rounds recently at regional UUA conferences, encouraging them to publicly wrestle with foundational questions.