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Looking for English Romance Games? Try These 6 Otome Game Apps Out | Japan Info

The company originated in , [1] based in Tokyo, and began to expand to English-speaking audiences in , releasing English-language versions of their games through the Apple Store and Google Play. Voltage's American subsidiary, Voltage Entertainment USA, have released adaptations of existing Voltage games which have been localized to appeal to Western audiences. Beginning in the subsidiary began producing original games marketed directly to their English-speaking audience. By it was reported that Voltage had an audience of 22 million across all its games.

Choose Your Romance and transitioned its AmeMix series into the app.

The closest thing to free Voltage Inc games

On January 13, , Voltage Inc. Vote for who's route I should play, Latis, Diaval, Feyril, Raug, Reiner and count on more frequent upload of this series. The through pageant her bastion was that frae the habitual whoever disapproved been by the habitat, tomorrow blushing the bobbed bunker. She saddened or, next her diverse bubble, she recommenced slaughtered nothing outside him such till now resorted evinced to acquaint her.

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When you first enter the Demon House with Kakeru, you thank him for extending your life. Okay… maybe not having flashbacks to Haruka after all. Thanks for clearing that up, Kakeru. As you fall in love with Kakeru, you see the other sides of him. Likes to wear silly T-shirts.

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And is afraid of Chihuahuas. Demon Princes can be afraid of tiny dogs. This is an entertaining story about a hero who is rough around the edges but adorably lovable on the inside. The story itself has a great combination of comedy provided by the other demons, Kakeru, and even by the MC herself and action.

Satoru is actually very charming, Haruhito wants to make a pig sculpture with you as his model, and Shiki… Well, Shiki appears to be a combination of Shion from Knights and Takuto from Thief X. There were a couple weak points in the plot.

10 Days with My Devil

Most of them involved Kakeru using his powers out in the open where people can see. Not to mention using his powers at the bowling alley where you are surrounded by other humans. There are 2 endings available: